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Kanakapura town in Karnataka goes under voluntary lockdown till July 1

Due to ending the lockdown in the nation, coronavirus cases have been increasing day by day. Karnataka state is affected by Covid-19 cases which have risen to 9,150, in Kanakapura town in Ramanagara district.

Recently, a meeting was headed by Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee president and MLA of the constituency DK Shiva Kumar, in which it was decided that Kanakapura will observe 17 hours lockdown every day till July 1.

The committee stated that the decision is taken in order to protect the citizens especially the young and old from coronavirus.
During the voluntary lockdown period, grocery, general stores and other essential stores will remain open from 7 am to 11 am. A decision on dispensary stores will be taken by the Deputy Commissioner.

The MLA, DK Shiva Kumar also said that if the cases of Covid-19 increased then another meeting will be scheduled on July 1 to decide whether to extend the lockdown in the constituency.

In the meeting, it was decided by the state representatives and the officials that people shall not roam in the town and shall remain in the house and step out from the house only if necessary and will follow the lockdown norms.

“This lockdown has nothing to do with the State government’s guidelines. This will be voluntary and will be reviewed on July1”. MLA stated.
The government of Karnataka was also providing only Rs 60 per person daily for the food expenses for those admitted to Ramanagaran government hospital.

Till now, India has confirmed 4,25,000 cases of coronavirus in the country, 2,37,000 recovered and 13,699 deaths.

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