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Kangana Ranaut calls Hollywood a “global monopoly” and “destroyer” of other industries.

Kangana Ranaut in her recent press conference had shown her disapproval of the Hollywood movies being so much more popular than the regional films. 

Kangana Ranaut calls Hollywood a "global monopoly" and "destroyer" of other industries.

The actress had been touring the whole country for the promotion of “Thalaivii”. She has been quite vocal about the way the theatres do their business and has even asked the Maharasthra government to open the theatres for the Cinema industry to run. 

This time she has pointed out the monopoly that Hollywood has managed to create. She said “Hollywood has destroyed other industries by creating a global monopoly. They are taking over our screens. We would rather see the dubbed version of Lion King or Jungle Book overdubbed version of a Malayalam film”. She encouraged her audience and fans to watch more regional films to support the industry. She added “We must keep our people and our industry our priority and discourage Hollywood films. This is the way to make an Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

This was quite an interesting take on the effect that Hollywood movies have on other countries. It is no secret that a lot of Bollywood movies are inspired by Hollywood.

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