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Kangana Ranaut tweets about her favourite part of the day, shares pictures, check here for the post

Have you ever woke up at 4 in the morning? Went to your garden and heard the most beautiful chirping of birds? Have you ever seen the sunrise with a cup of coffee in your hand? If not, trust me you have missed the main part of your life. We have seen all the old and wise people they get up early and feel these beautiful moments. We as the young generation most of us have become night owls, watching Netflix till 3 and then obviously getting up at 9 am for work. We all enjoy watching these amazing series but we miss all the moments of the morning. I am from Shimla ( Himachal Pradesh), an adorable hill station. My friends and I, we go for morning walks. Trust me its the most beautiful feeling in the whole world. Being with nature, walking under huge trees, taking in oxygen with positive vibes as a bonus, seeing new fresh faces, hearing the soothing voice of birds, trust me it’s just adorable. 
Getting up early and starting your day with any form of workout is just another vibe. There are many forms of workouts that one can do. One can go for walking, running, jogging, cycling, gyming etc. One can also do yoga. As we know yoga was firstly started by all Indian gurus. It is the form of meditation with a breathing exercise. One constantly breathes when he/she does yoga. This improves the blood circulation of your body. Yoga helps to fight many diseases. I would like to say this personally that whenever I do yoga, I become optimistic, which is a good thing. Yoga is like reading a good book, that is addictive, whenever we read a good book we cannot stop thinking about it, we do want to read it. It gives us a lot of knowledge and we feel good about us the entire day. Similarly, yoga is the same it just makes us feel good and also we just get adducted to it. We make time to do it. 

Today we will talk about our Manikarnika, KANGANA RANAUT. Don’t we all agree with what an actress she is? I feel acting is in her blood. She is so good at her job. Even after facing so many problems, she managed to step in the industry with the big and positive shoe. Being an outsider and becoming queen of the industry was not so easy. We all love when someone compliments us but when it comes to criticism, it’s not easy at all. The entire confidence goes down. She was unfortunately criticised so much for her way of speaking. The way she took it was another level. She never let her criticism lower her confidence. When people learn the art of taking criticism into a positive note that’s when they become leaders and succeed in their lives. Kangana has been through the same. She just converted all the negative criticism into positive confidence and became too refined as an actress. 

Our queen is bold. We can see that from the movies she does. The way she stands for what is right and what is wrong. No matter who will stand behind her as a pillar for support. If there is nobody she is her pillar, strong and bold. 

Today she tweets about her favourite part of the day, she also posts pictures of herself doing yoga. To be specific doing dhanurasana. This asana improves flexibility, postures, it is good for neck etc. out queen starts her day with yoga in her garden. She mentions that its the most favourite part of her day. She becomes optimistic and being a girl from Himachal she knows well the value of nature. I am so glad she decides to start her day with nature and doing yoga. Nothing is better than that. I have always liked her dress sense. She is a fashionista. She carries simple clothes with the best personality. She is doing the same in this picture. She looks adorable. And that natural blush on her face is so amazing. Well, that’s in all Himachali girls. 

I have heard it a lot of times that inner happiness and positivity always shows as a natural glow on your face. Today after seeing her picture I have realised its true. Who doesn’t wants to be as prettier as our queen is? Let’s just learn from her, her beauty secret. Being n nature and doing yoga. The nature and yoga ( or any other form of workout) will make you as pretty as she is. It’s always good to adopt good habits for an amazing lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle leads to a positive lifestyle. 

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