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Karishma Kapoor shares a selfie on Instagram with a funny caption

The Quarantine Diaries

“Sometimes, imperfections enhances your beauty.”

The stunning actress, Karisma Kapoor, has become the sensation on Instagram with her adorable picture. The beauty says flaunt the way you want to with your looks.

The gorgeous Bollywood beauty is posing so beautifully without realizing that she has put eyeliner on one eye.

The above picture states that beauty lies in the shine of your eyes, not on your makeup., Karisma is looking as pretty as she looks in her movies.

The actress wants to add a flavour of humour, and she loved the way she posed with her astounding pictures.

The Lockdown Moments

Karisma Kapoor is one of the prettiest stars that shines in the world of Bollywood; Her Instagram picture shows that your beauty showcases how you are from inside. Her image symbolizes her fun-loving nature.

The selfie-queen is portraying self-love and the magic of eyes. What we learn from her picture is, sometimes we must capture our moments that express the real-us.

The picture defines that your perfect smile makes you look beautiful nor your eyeliner. Her eyes illuminate the surrounding.

What a magical moment that you spend with yourself without wondering about others. Even Karisma followers are giving the same pose and gaining popularity.

The Lesson

The lesson which millions of Karisma Kapoor followers get from her picture is that everyone must enjoy every precious moment of life and do capture it.


The lockdown period is quite-tough, but we can change it into happiness with our gestures.

Spend this time with your family and socialize yourself. Be the inspiration for others.

What Karisma did is fabulous; she has shared her happy moments to spread happiness in a social media platform.

The coolest and shining actress has been trending on Instagram with her pictures and Fashion style.

If you guys want to know her secrets of beauty, then you must follow her Instagram page – KK (@therealkarismakapoor).

Stay at your home and stay connected on social media platforms!

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