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Kim Jong Un appears to open spot first time after three weeks says reports

North Korean leader Kim has shown up to the public after three weeks to introduce the opening of a fertilizer factory, informed the news reports earlier on Saturday.
The leader showed up on Friday to attend the function and numerous cheers were gotten notification from the public when he showed up at the spot, reported News Agencies.
There were theories made about the leader’s absence, that he was truly sick or dead when he missed the birth commemoration festivities of state founder Kim Il Sung on April 15.

His nonattendance set off a progression of fevered bits of gossip and unverified reports over his condition, while the United States and South Korea demanded they had no data to accept any of the guesses was valid.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry responded to Saturday’s report by saying “unfounded” theory about Kim had caused “superfluous turmoil,” calling for increasingly cautious thought in future.

Then, South Korean authorities have dismissed the theories, saying there were no surprising signs that something may not be right with the North’s chief, and he was accepted to remain in the east coast locale of Wonsan.
It is not uncommon for Kim Jong-un to vanish from the open eye. His longest nonattendance from general visibility was in September 2014, when he vanished for a phenomenal 40 days and brought limping back.

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