Kirti Sanon says that 2020 will be a skip and blur in our calendars

The actor Kirti Sanon starred in four back to back films last year. She is missing her daily routine, her work and this missing are major as well as natural due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Kirti Sanon admits for the same. “For the first few days, I was chilling but now, I’m missing work badly. Now, it feels like time is just passing by but people aren’t living the life,” she says.

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The movie Heropanti (2014) actor stated that she “had a lot of hopes,” and she was “very excited” about 2020 as she had decided to do “some fab work”. “But I guess the year will be a skip, blur in our calendars,” Kirti says, she added, “none of us was prepared for this.” “But when I see hear about what so many people are going through, I extremely feel privileged to have my house and family around,” she says.

Meanwhile, Kirti’s panic mode is on from a period since her mother has asthma, even when her father and sister Nupur go out to buy groceries she said, “But the idea is to keep calm and tell yourself that, ‘it will all be over soon.’ I’m utilising this time to spend time with family, work-wise, I have finished work on Mimi so nothing was incomplete,” she added and said she spends her time I baking and cooking. “All of us in the family take turns to cook different cuisines,” said by her.

Nowadays Kirti has started reading books although she is not a reader. She said, “I have read Ikigai, and now I am reading The Kite Runner. I’m also watching shows/films which I had missed out on such as How To Get Away with Murder, The Stranger, Money Heist, Shutter Island and Bala.”

Is there any hope in all of it? “For starter, the city is much calmer, clearer. So, it’s like nature has pressed the pause button and it’s just rejuvenating itself. Sadly it’s resulting in loss of lives.” And then she spoke about the things she will do when the things will get back to normal. “I want to go out on a long drive with friends or just chill at a friend’s place. As for our work, it’ll take very long for the things to become normal,” she concluded.

A couple of days back kirti posted a video and a poem on the title Abused highlighting the domestic violence. “I was shocked to read online that there has been 35-40% rise in domestic violence cases during lockdown,” she added and said this reminds her of a poem which she wrote in 11th standard. “I remember our house-help cried in front of mum and said that her husband beats her. So, I wrote a poem on what she must be feeling. No one has the right to hit you, and women should be brave, to take the right step. It needs to be spoken out. Even if encourages one person, I will be very happy,” Kirti says.

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