Lahore-Karachi plane with 107 persons on board crashes in a residential area near Karachi Airport

Pakistan International Airline flight which was carrying around 100 passengers going from Lahore to Karachi got crashed before landing over a residential colony near the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. The extent of damage caused due to the crashing of this plane or loss of life of the people travelling in the plane is still unknown. News regarding the crashing of the plane is been provided by the international airline flight of Pakistan and they also said that the plane i.e. PK 8303 was carrying almost 91 passengers and rest of the crew members got crashed damaging at least five or six houses in Karachi.

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So, earlier the mayor of the Karachi told that all the passengers and crew who were there in the flight got killed, but later on confirmation news received from the public airlines that still few people have got survived and nothing has happened to them. Finally, an investigation was been done to find out the reason of crashing of the plane in the residential area and it was been declared by the local media reports team that due to the loss of both the engines, the plane got crashed.

Those people who had seen the whole incident provided the news to the media that the engines caught the fire and this aircraft damaged the four-storey building by hitting it which is located in Jinnah garden area of the model colony which borders the airport runways. Moreover, the local media shows the visual report in which it was depicted that the smoke was coming from the few houses located in Karachi’s model colony. As, the local community of Karachi who witnesses the whole incident told the media that it was horrifying and unexpected tragedy causing a huge loss.

So, till now the airport authorities have not issued the list of the people who have been got injured in this terrible incident and regarding the numbers of people who have not been survived. Hence, the premium economy passenger who is the president of the Bank of Punjab was also travelling through this plane manage to survive but got some injuries due to which he has been got admitted in the hospital and has spoken to his mother regarding the same over the phone. Khalid Sherdil who is the CEO of Pakistan PSU urban unit was also in the same plane is survive in the crash.

It has been informed by the two civil aviation officers to the media that at least eleven passengers got recovered from the crash site and six people got injured due to this horrible incident. One passenger known as Rashid who was also in this plane manages to survive in this crash but has got some minor injuries due to which he has been admitted in the nearby hospital as the information has received from his family members on the social media platform.

This incident has shocked the people residing in the Karachi and even the prime minister was upset with the crashing of this plane and expressed his grief for those passengers who were not able to survive in this dreaded incident as it has made Imran khan who is the prime minister of Pakistan saddened. It has been stated by the media channel of Pakistan that one of their senior staff member known as Ansar Naqvi who was also in the plane lost his life in this incident. Prime minister told that an inquiry should be conducted on this and after this accident, the ambulance, fire tenders and relief team reached at the spot quickly to help those people who were stuck in this accident.

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