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Lockdown 3.0: Permission on things by the Government and what is not permitted

The bottom line is all the country has been now colour-coded as red-orange and green. These red zones indicate the maximum number of cases of the coronavirus being found and these numbers decrease to some extent as we move in the orange zones and the least for green zones. The rules are the strictest for the red zones and get lenient as we move towards the green zones. This means that with the lockdown being extended for another 2 weeks, nothing seems to have any noticeable changes. But to ease the discomfort of the lockdown the government has made some guidelines to be followed during this time.

To protect the country from any further damage due to the virus, certain guidelines have
been issued that works quite differently for the people living in the colour-coded zones.
It has been said that for the red zones a car with only two people inside is allowed. More
then that will be taken strict actions aginst of for violating the protocols.along with this, a
two-wheeler without the pillion rider is allowed.

For the construction projects, only those workers are said to be working those who are
available inside the area of construction and not needed to be brought from outside
As far as the businesses established in the red zones are concerned, it was said earlier that only essential services will be allowed to work during the times of pandemic. Following this statement services such as special economic zones, industrial state and export-oriented undertakings, manufacturing of plants for the goods that are essential and the hardware requires by IT companies. Along with these industries, jute industries and packing units are asked to work during the Extention of lockdown.

The standalone shops in the colony are allowed to open and the others with essentials but the market complexes and malls are said to remain closed.
The bottom line is only the services that are crucial for the people during this time are
permitted to open.
There has been a lot of buzz about getting monthly pay for private workers. A workforce
of 33% according to the requirements os allowed and the rest are asked to work from home.

The red zones have some activities allowed to occur such as construction and MNREGA
work, food processing units, and brick kills and health-related services such as pharmacies are urged to remain open to provide the essential items for relief purposes.

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