Maharashtra Home Minister ordered the officials to find out who spread the wrong rumour of resuming of railway services in the city

Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh announced that whoever have circulated the hoax about recommencing of train services for the sake of the migrant workers on April 14 will not be spared. Stringent measures will be taken against them for already rumours.

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Around 1000 migrant labourers assembled outside the Bandra West Railway Station and urged the government to make arrangements for returning to their native places. Deshmukh said that these people had anticipated the lockdown to end as soon as possible so that they can be back to their homes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared extension of the second lockdown till May 3 earlier in the morning yesterday, which resulted in their furore. The gathering was dissolved after the police lathi charged on them.

Chief Minister of the state Uddhav Thackeray addressed these workers and beseeched them to stay back and join hands with them to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. He further appealed to them not to believe in forged informations. He too cautioned that the state will not tolerate any kind of upheaval and will take severe actions against those who will try to disrupt the law and order in the current situation.
Earlier Deshmukh reported that 37 people have been arrested among the 197 cases lodged for publicising misleading information in the social media.

Home Minister of India, Amit Shah has also expressed his concern on this matter emphasizing that this may enfeeble the battle against the newly discovered pathogen coronavirus. He has extended his moral support to the Maharashtra Govt. and has requested them to keep a strict vigilance so that such occurrences can be avoided.
Maharashtra has become one of the hotspots in the country with 2684 cases out of the 11487 active cases in India. Due to the shooting up of the COVID-19 infection, the state has requested the Central Government to sanction the plasma treatment.

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