Mumbai Police uses the Stree Way to spread awareness about coronavirus, Shraddha Kapoor shares pic

There is a famous movie ‘Stree’ starred Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles. The actress Shraddha Kapoor shared a poster on Instagram and wrote: “Bilkul sahi. The only mantra we need to keep every street safe is not to venture out on the streets”.

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Mumbai police took inspiration from Shraddha Kapoor’s movie Stree and posted a message full of humour on social media, in order to spread awareness about coronavirus. In the film the villegers were haunted by a spirit know as stree, villagers believed that if they write, “O Stree, kal ana (Stree, come tomorrow)!” on the outside wall of their house, which drives the evil spirit away. The Mumbai police recreated their own version of this and wrote “O corona, kabhi mat aana(corona, don’t come ever)!” the poster also concludes the message of safety a message of “keeping every street safe”.

Starred of Rajkumar Rao and Shraddha kapoor played the lead roles. The actress shared the poster on Instragram and said that the only mantra which we need to keep every street safe is not to venture out on the streets. In the movie ‘Stree’ Shraddha Kapoor portrayed a haunted as well as bold, provocative role. Shraddha defined her versatility mobility the way she was capable or adapted for turning easily from one to another for various tasks and raised the unique place for her own talent. The mysterious character that she portrayed is made a place in the hearts of the audiences. Her name is now used as a synonym for Stree and this is an achievement in itself.

In specified period mean time Shraddha Kapoor is truly making good memories in this quarantine time by spending time with her family and doing other things at home, about which the actress has shared on her social media. During this situation Sharaddha seta a reminder for all of us to be thankful for what we have and requested everyone to do their little. Requested audiences her fans to continue doing their little in saving the world, Shraddha Kapoor recently said, “I would urge everyone who all are in a very blessed position, you know, the fact that we can even check our instagram, tune in live, the fact that we have a phone to do that. So I am pretty sure that we can do that whatever little we can do, even if it is little amount, we can donate to whatever cause that we believe in.”

Adding more Shraddha said, “Because there will be lot of people who will need our help and i am happy to ne the part of something like that, so that I can help in someways. So, just small request to everyone out there to definitely do something to lend a helping hand.” Shraddha kapoor tried from her part and did her dusty as a citizen as a human of spreading the awareness in this time of lockdown. Mumbai police used her iconic dialogue and used their clever mindsets and humour smartly and recreated the dialogue which Shraddha reposted!

Shraddha shared on her social media, “Bilkul sahi! Repost: The only mantra we need to keep #EveryStreetSafe is not to venture out on the Streets #TakingOnCorona #coronavirus #CoronavirusOutbreakingindia #COVID-19 #MumbaiPolice.”

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