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Mary Kom thanks Delhi Police for making his son’s birthday special

“Thank you @DCPNewDelhi for making this birthday so special for my younger son Prince,” wrote the boxing legend on her twitter on Thursday. She posted a video of Delhi Police personnel bringing a cake while singing ‘happy birthday’ for his son’s seventh birthday.

Amid these morbid times of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions on stepping out of the house and social gatherings is bringing the children’s spirits down. A team of cops from the Tughlaq Road station showed up at the Rajya Sabha MP’s house on Thursday evening with a cake for the youngster. Prince, with his twin elder siblings, younger sister and his parents were surprised and floored by this gesture of
the Delhi Police.

The six-time world champion was quoted saying to the PTI, “We are all hoping and praying desperately for things to go back to normal but can they ever? Of course not. This virus is an enemy that no one even understands completely. Sports will change. Mine is a contact sport and I am personally worried about how we are going to deal with it. For the time being, I don’t see any sparring happening in training at least, I would be totally against it.”

“I believe once a vaccine is developed, things can go back to how they were before but until then, travelling will be less frequent, training will not exactly be a team thing and tournaments, I don’t know how they will resume. I believe training itself will become very individualistic. As for the fans, they will come back to watch, I don’t see a problem there. But yes, the standard of hygiene at tournaments will go up to another level.” Kom said after the celebrations.

As the world struggles to cope with Covid-19, its important to keep our spirits high. We have to come to grips with this pandemic and learn to rebuild our lives around it. Such inspirational gestures by the front line workers are uplifting and instil in the people a sense of hope and a newfound strength to stay strong.

Mary Kom thanked the Delhi Police later that evening by posting a tweet and a video of the same. Prince’s smile was priceless as he cut his cake. The people need to cling to these little moments of happiness rather than focusing on the perils this disease has caused around the world.

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