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Minister of human resource development(HRD) had told ‘schools will reopen in mid-august’

RD Minister Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal in a June 3 interview revealed that schools and colleges which have remained closed since around March 16 will reopen after August 2020. Around 33 crore students have been waiting for school reopening news to dispel their doubts.

As per reports at the end of May, it was thought that schools and colleges would reopen in July with 30% attendance and with younger students till class 8 remaining at home.

It also stated that Green and Orange zones would reopen their educational institutes first and that to maintain social distancing norms and a smaller attendance, the school would take place in two shifts.

But the Coronavirus scene in India wasn’t stable and in a week, the ministry came out with an official statement within a week that stated that no decision of this sort had been taken yet.

HRD Minister says schools to reopen after August

After weeks of confusion from students, teachers and parents, HRD Minister Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal in an interview finally revealed that schools and colleges would be reopened after August 2020, possibly even after August 15, 2020.

“We are trying to get declared all the results from the examinations this session by August 15,” said the HRD Minister.

“This means those exams which have already taken place before and those which are taking place now,” Pokhriyal added in the interview.

While CBSE board exams would be held from July 1 to July 15, ICSE/ISC exams will begin from July 1 till July 12.

NEET and JEE are also taking place in July while NEET will take place on July 26, JEE will take place from July 18 to July 23.

UGC, NCERT guidelines to be followed for safety when schools reopen

Safety guidelines are a must for education institutions to resume work again in the Covid-19 circumstances.

Thus, while UGC was deciding on safety guidelines for reopening colleges and universities, NCERT was doing the same work for schools.

Guidelines for school reopening :

The guidelines, which would be different in all three cases, will help students and teachers ensure safety while schools reopen amidst a coronavirus pandemic.

As per reports, teachers would need to wear masks and gloves, thermal scanners would be installed in schools, only two students would sit on three-seaters, CCTVs would observe if social distancing rules are being followed.

Moreover, the safety guidelines would be printed and put up in several locations in each school and the SDM and DM of each concerned area would further fine-tune the Covid-19 safety guidelines as required.

It remains to be seen what the updated guidelines would be if schools reopen after August.

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