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Mira Rajput looks gorgeous in her latest post but it’s the caption we are loving more, check here for the post

As nowadays we all are very active on social media which is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We all love posting new pictures, some deep stories or some creative reels. Our Bollywood celebrities have also been very active in it. Since its COVID time, all this kills boredom for many of us. Instagram has become such an entertainment box for many of us. Initially, we post pictures,  our followers get increased, they like and comment. It makes us happy. We also get connected to our old school friends, we see what is going on in their life. It’s very difficult to call all your friends in a day, right? So social media keeps us connected with all, we know what our friends are doing, have they started with some new classes or a new job. Who is getting married and who is blessed with a baby girl or a baby boy. So by all this, we at least know what happens in the lives of people we know or we love. Instagram not only just helps us to see what happens in others lives above that it is being part of the business for some as well. People design new clothes they post pictures, promote them and they are earning well from it. People are advertising their products and their designs, which is becoming so beneficial for their business. Some new companies hire very good bloggers to promote their products. Whenever we see our followers stories many attractive advertisements come. It’s really good for their business. Blogging has been beneficial for both the company and the blogger itself. The company gets advertisements and the bloggers get paid for it. It’s of great benefit for many.

We all love our celebrities, we all get super excited to know about their life. It’s so entertaining. Whenever we see them post some photos or reels we can be connected to them. Which feels great. Recently I was checking one of my favourite Bollywood celebrity, the real Preeti of shahid Kapoor – MIRA RAJPUT KAPOOR. She is firstly a beautiful wife and an adorable mother. She is the epitome of grace. Being an outsider and then getting married to the most talented actor she adjusted herself beautifully in two different worlds. She wears confident when she is walking for Manish Malhotra or when she is walking out of her gym. She is just gorgeous. Mira and shahid met because they were having some religious paths, they got married but adjusting in a different world at a small age is wonderful. She simply carries herself but in an adorable way at the same time. No doubt why shahid fell for her. 
She is active on her social media. She posts storied about her kids some beautiful thoughts and also about her friends from Delhi. This simply shows us what an amazing girl she is, getting married to a known family she never forgot her roots her friends. Her bunch of best friends are well known now. Talking about her Instagram feed, well I just have one word for it, it’s superb. 


Let’s talk about her latest update. In these pictures, Mira is looking adorable as always. She is wearing a contrast of grey and light blue jeans. Which is an all-time classic look? She is carrying it with a beautiful pair of earrings. Which is just perfect. Her nude makeup carries of all shades of browns which always shows the best in them, they are doing the same here. Above all, she is wearing a beautiful smile with tons of confidence. It’s not always the clothes that make you beautiful at times its the confidence and the smile that you wear. The most important part of an Instagram post is its caption. Trust me I do focus on it a lot. The caption of the picture just describes the picture like the preface of a book. It talks about the emotions one is going through when the picture is taken or when it was taken. Year after when we check our feed, reading captions brings nostalgia. For in here the caption says ‘ 1- waiting for cake. 2- did I eat the whole cake. 3- YOLO.’ The first pictures say that she is WAITING FOR HER CAKE, the second picture is with an empty plate which says that did she eat the whole cake. We all know nowadays how much we all are into fitness. We go to the gym, do a lot of workouts and do follow a particular diet. It’s just a healthy way of living also it helps to maintain proper body shape. Where are we learning this from? Obviously from the ones we love that is our celebrities. They maintain a proper shape so that they can be a good example for us. For this, they do a lot of hard work. They follow diets which means no cakes every day, that is why we see Mira so excited for her cheat meal, I guess that excitement comes to all of us. Let’s take a message from it that is following our diets and keeping a single cheat day, then even we will be excited for our cheat meals just like Mira is in her picture. 

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