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Nisha Rawal slams trolls for body-shaming denies the rumours about her pregnancy

Body shaming is a critical issue which people take it as a subject of laughter or sarcasm without pondering over the fact that what their words or how their words about someone’s physique will have an effect on them.

The regular people or common man in his group usually becomes a person who is being body shamed. The concept of body shaming is totally immoral and is against human ethics.

There are lakhs of people who become prone to stress, depression, anxiety and many other psychological problems because they were either ragged because of their body or were being taunted by a relative or a friend on how they look and how should they look.

As we are talking about body shaming the common man doesn’t come under the spotlight for being body-shamed but the target of the cameras become the celebrities, especially the female celebrities!!

The controversy is that the media will write headlines and good wishes for a female celebrity who may have delivered a kid but just after few months those headlines will take a negative turn and will start body shaming the former on gaining post-pregnancy weight.

The words jumbo, fat, fatso will be then aligned to that respective person. Currently, Nisha Rawal was being body shamed. In 2017 she had experienced motherhood and had given birth to her beautiful daughter and then later she worked on her body and she comes back left everyone wondering that how she maintained her physique and lost her post-pregnancy belly fat.


But in spite of she was still being trolled for having belly fat. People used to troll her and call her some aunty or should say that she shouldn’t wear the type of clothes that reveal her stomach!!! To this, she had given an accurate reply and has slammed back to the trollers and has shut their mouths.

She on her Instagram account posted a picture of herself in which her belly fat is visible and wrote, BELLY-SHAME! This picture was clicked yesterday & ‘No! I ain’t pregnant’ & ‘Yes! I have a belly’ This must be my 3rd elaborate post on shaming! Shame, 1stly is the strongest of human emotions! The victim withdraws into his shell. It never did anyone, any good! Belly shame is one of the many kinds of shaming we have in our stigmatised society! I have always had a tummy. It would become smaller or bigger depending on my fitness regime but would never go away! I was always ashamed of it & that made me do things that would either injure me by beating myself up in the gym doing crunches until my muscles went into a cramp or would do the opposite with my hog-sprees!”

Kudos to her for giving such an edgy reply to her trollers that we hope will make them realize that body-shaming is not a topic to laugh on.

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