No way Jayaraj and Fenix could have survived with those wounds says, a relative who saw the autopsy

Another day, another display of cruelty. Jayraj and Fenix were brutally murdered and raped by cops just Because they got 15 minutes late to close their shop. They were beaten till death and were raped anally. It is high time that we deal with unrequited cruelty.

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It has been over four days since their deaths and an FIR is yet to be lodged regarding the incident.

The DMK’s MP from Thoothukudi, Kanimozhi tweeted on Saturday, “In spite of the clear guidelines given by the NHRC, and even after 4 days, No FIR has been filed in the Sathankulam custodial murder case and no one has been arrested. Why is the Govt/CM still silent? What are they waiting for?” Has been reported by local citizens.

Where do we go? We aren’t even safe with police now. What do we do? Jeyraj’s wife has lost both the men in her life, her husband and her son. She has been shattered after the incident and has constantly been crying and asking who is there for us? What will happen now? Two innocent lives have been taken. Where’s the justice?

The brutality has been rising everyday now. We, as a society need to step up against the ongoing cruelity. We need to stand by our gone brothers.

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