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NUSH BRAND | A Secret To Great Style | Anushka Sharma

Anushka’s own Brand “NUSH”

Nush is a clothing line by the versatile actor Anushka Sharma, whose style and aesthetic remains a trademark in the Bollywood industry. Anushka Sharma started preparing for the launch back in 2017 and started working on the apparels that will be sold by Nush Brand. This is her second business venture after her production site Clean slate films. Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma’s husband and one of the most famous cricket players in the world, has always looked up to Anushka and has supported all her works. Anushka Sharma has done an amazing job maintaining her acting career while supporting her business ventures.

Product Line, Investments and Nush’s Net Worth

The Nush Brand caters to style required for any occasion, from college wear to fancy outfits for the perfect getaway. It provides an elegant and classy look to everyone along with a superior sense of comfort and quality. The product line for Anushka’s brand includes denim, jackets, dresses and tees etc, with many additions that will be added soon. Sharma, with a whopping net worth of Rs 350 crores and over Rs 1300 crore when combined with that of Virat Kohli, has invested a lot in this brand and is hoping it does successfully in the fashion arena. The company estimates revenue of 100 crores in 3 years.

Nush describes itself as “It’s an amalgamation that reflects a woman’s personality, celebrates womanhood and sets a high-quality standard at a great value. At NUSH BRAND we believe our furry friends are made for cuddles and love, they make this planet a better place. We are proud to say that the whole collection is cruelty-free!”.

Availability of Nush’s Products

Earlier, the outfits were available in various Shoppers’ Stop outlets and exclusively on Myntra online along with some other shopping channels, but now the official Nush site caters for all clothing needs and has availability of all new collections like that of Nush athleisure and Autumn and Summer etc. The link to the official site is- https://www.nush.in/

Price Range of Products

The price range is nice and affordable to families in India, ranging from Rs 699 and goes up to Rs 4000. Occasional sale on various items helps the sale and makes both the buyer and the seller happy. Various categories that you can find on the official site are that of topwear, outerwear, bottomwear, dresses and jumpsuits and accommodate a collection of Anushka’s favourite. These include handpicked favourites by Anushka herself. The area, which was presumed to have the most expensive clothes, surprisingly includes amazing quality tops etc. available at the price of even Rs 640. Amid coronavirus precaution, it is only executing prepaid orders and is not accepting any other payment options, much like H&M and Forever 21. This is done to avoid spreading the infection to both the workers and the customers. The site provides free shipping on orders above Rs 999 and offers secure payment and easy 15-day return on their products.

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Partnership and Contracts of ‘Nush’

The brand has been launched in partnership with Suditi Industries. In an interview, they described how the brand did successfully due to similar ideas being put by both sides. They both were open to the idea of launching a Western clothing line instead of an Indian one. They explained how online sales would contribute to about 30% of the total revenue and rest will be acquired from their outlets like Shoppers’ stop and their ties with about 25 dealers. The initial agreement between Suditi Industries and Anushka Sharma is applicable for the first 6 years and has to be renewed after that. Suditi Industries believes that retail visibility is guaranteed by celebrity power.

Nush’s Plagiarism Controversy and Comeback in the market

Back in 2017, Nush Brand was accused of plagiarism after its release by Chinese e-commerce websites. In respect to this, it removed certain clothing from its line. Such items were the black bomber jacket with floral motifs, a pink bomber jacket, a parka, trench coat and a pair of striped pants. Suditi Industries is in charge of designing patterns for clothing under Nush. All complications were soon cleared up and resolved, making Nush bloom again in the market.

Back in November 2019, she released a collection inspired by Chacha Chaudhary. The iconic comic character became an inspiration for her clothing line.  The iconic comic hero Chacha Chaudhary and his giant companion, Sabu, can be seen on the new and quirky collection of Nush Brand. It is easily available in the market now.


The new collection “NUSH for love” is in stores now. One can also stay connected with their upcoming trends by following Nush on Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. For any queries, you can email them at contact@nush.in

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