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BHAANE BRAND|Bhaane is an India Based Contemporary Clothing Brand


Bhaane is a contemporary clothing brand that is made in India for the conscious, urban millennial who is inspired by popular culture but also seeks to look beyond it. Brand Bhaane is founded by Anand Ahuja in 2012 after he came back to India, who is mostly recognized as the husband of a fashion diva, Sonam Kapoor. Anand Ahuja, who was also the CEO of the brand calls Bhaane an everyday wear clothing label.
Bhaane means rising sun in Gurmukhi. The name embodies the brands’ penchant for progress, change, and optimism as it unfolds in a new, alternative India. Bhaane is all about an individual’s point of view. It is a brand that believes that a community is a dialogue between different points of view, not a flat platform that expresses a homogenous voice.

Nowadays people judge from your way of styling, clothes, and shoes. There are different types of styles inventing day by day. These days street style is a lot more in trend as it is casual, relatable, quirky, funky and most comfortable to wear. Street style is one of the key ways in which the brand has historically expressed a multicultural India. Whatever the brand makes – whether a product, podcast or coffee – will highlight the person behind the commodity rather than the commodity itself.


“I returned to India from the US in 2011 with an intention to spend time learning at Shahi Exports, our family’s apparel manufacturing business but four months after my return Bhaane began to take form.

I had started to notice an increase in people expressing themselves; through blogs, photography, personal style and art. On the whole, people seemed to want the same type of clothes, whether in India or the US. The designers at Shahi Exports were dressing with the same aesthetic as those graduating from Parsons, FIT and RISD. This is the main premise behind Bhaane, that style is universal. Of course, this doesn’t apply to high fashion but for basic everyday wear, people want access to the same clothes.

It started off with just myself and two designers and we put together a range of ideas for pieces we wanted to make and started doing some basic design and prototyping. With positive feedback, we decided to develop a website and make a small run of clothes.” said the founder of brand Bhaane

Anand Ahuja – who is also fascinated by sneakers– began Bhaane in 2012. The raison deter remains the same: to provide a platform for the wealth of Indian talent that exists in the country. He saw potential in Indian youth and workers. As Anand is big shoe fetish he also owns the multi-brand sneakers stores named “VegNonVeg”.

Sonam Kapoor, one of India’s most celebrated actresses, and mostly known for her bossy style, brings her expertise on approach towards style, fashion, and film to the brand. Her iconic sartorial and vestiaries sense, which is celebrated widely on social media and also in the whole country, lends a unique point of view to Bhaane’s designs.

Nimish Shah is the creative director of Bhaane. With Shift, under a decade-year-old label of his own, Shah brings a strong, single creative vision to Bhaane in its current 2.0 phase. The future involves growth and deepening.

The brand is working towards creating more conscious and relatable products that represent a dialogue between India and the world. They are working towards building a more concrete subculture by involving musicians, artists and chefs as partners. Bhaane is becoming a brand that is not only inspired by popular culture but representative of its power.


Anand Ahuja said “One of the founding principles of Bhaane is that we want to use our resources – apparel production – to equip people with one tool they can use for self-expression: their sense of style. We want to encourage and facilitate individuality and self-expression. This is why our clothes don’t carry logos and even our tags don’t say ‘Bhaane.’ ”

So they have also told the very interesting fact behind the brand Bhaane doesn’t have the logo or a tag of own because to encourage one’s individuality.

“Another principle is that style is universal and we believe that India should not only be seen as a manufacturer but a thought leader in apparel design. Secondly, to encourage, empower and facilitate self-expression, this is why our shoots crowdsource people of different heights, statures, professions and styles.” Ahuja acknowledged.

Brand Bhaane has also opened their stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Anand Ahuja thinks that authenticity is necessary and felling the product before buying gives more authenticity that buying it online.

“We started thinking about physical stores a while ago.

My obsession with Nike is indicative: as much as I shop for shoes online, whenever I am in New York I feel obliged to go into the Nike stores. This is because ultimately no remote experience can replace a physical touch and feel. The way we interact with our followers online and offline is completely different and both are very viable.

The biggest challenge was realizing that just because you have a website, it doesn’t mean you can open a store easily – the business models are completely different and it requires a lot of work. The best part is about being able to interact with our followers on a daily basis. It’s about reaching out to new people and really being able to personify our brand. We’ve always had a tangible aspect of Bhaane. With our house parties way before WIP (our first store). Seeing how we interacted with people in these casual events also impacted how we have positioned our store.” Anand Ahuja mentioned in an interview.


Bhaane is an Indian retail company which facilitates with everyday fashion clothes. It was founded in 2012 and it is a private company. According to the recent updates, Deepika Deepti is the new CEO of the company in the place of Anand Ahuja.

Deepti will be responsible for managing and strategic expansion of the brand, both domestically and internationally. Commenting on Deepti’s appointment, Anand S Ahuja, founder of Bhaane, in a statement said: “Deepika has the ability to sync the creative, culture and corporate worlds. We welcome her to the role and together aim to mark a new chapter in strengthening and fuelling the growth of our culture first brand through the creative intersection of design, e-commerce, social responsibility, and team efficiencies.”

Talking about her new role, Deepti added: “I’m excited and committed to driving the power of self-expression, culture, and community that Bhaane stands for. I hope to strengthen the brand’s relatable voice, improve execution while embracing inclusivity across the organization, and the people of modern India to whom Bhaane belongs to and thrives.”
Deepika Deepti has over a decade of experience in handling international brands and was the former director of brands activations for Adidas in emerging markets.
The brand Bhaane comprises of 50 employees. In which 36 employees are on LinkedIn Includes members with current employer listed as Bhaane, including part-time roles. The company is in both modes which are online and in the form of store. The companies headquarter is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Bhaane is popular among audiences for its easy-to-wear, casual and slightly orthodox silhouettes, with baggy oversized hoodies, boxy shirts and edgy denim pieces being a big part of its collections. Their collection right now is a mix of funky and quirky colours out into airy tops, bottoms, skirts and dresses. For some fashion is an art through which they express themselves. It will not be wrong to say that the brand consists of some amazing pieces which can make your wardrobe a lot more different and unique.

  1. Poolside Dress: this light checkered poolside dress has a very cool tone colour palette and perfect for the summers and one will definitely carry this amazing if paired with proper accessories. This poolside dress is not only meant for the pool party but we can also wear it easily by dressing it up or down according to the event. We can add a belt and cinch it on the right place to show off the tiniest part of our waist and can pair this with sandals, whereas adding shoes will give it a sporty and a relaxed look.
  2. T-shirt: this loose t-shirt will give the perfect summer look. It’s colour full and vibrant.
  3. Paperboy Shorts: these shorts with such colours are rear to find. It will look awesome in the summer season. Classy, comfortable and will look stylish if worn with a good pair of t-shirt and comfy sneakers.
  4. Matt and Nat Paris Loom: A belt bag large enough to fit daily essentials. The adjustable strap allows it to be worn across the chest or around the waist. Interiors feature zipper pocket, four credit card slots & 100% recycled nylon lining. PETA Approved Vegan.
  5. Bank Holiday Skirt: An A-line skirt with a scarf drape and a Centre front slit. As the name suggests this skirt is very holiday-appropriate.


According to the resources, Anand Ahuja has made a good sum of bucks from businesses. He is CEO of his clothing store Bhaane, MD of Shahi exports. Some reports say the turnover of Shahi exports is $450 annually where he belongs more than $3millions. Although the net worth of Bhaane individually is not known.


Bhaane is present in every social media platform. From LinkedIn to Instagram to snap chat. They believe in a wider vision

WEBSITE: http://www.Bhaane.com/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/Bhaane/
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/Bhaane/
CONTACT: love@Bhaane.com, +91-8800940700


They have in total of 3 stores in India

  1. 135, Meharchand Market Lodi Colony, Delhi 110003
  2. 317/3, Dr. B R Ambedkar Road, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052
  3. 1154, HAL 2nd Stage Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
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