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Nusrat Jahan dodges questions when asked about her newborn’s father.

The Bengali actor-politician has been surrounded by rumours for quite some time. The actress had given birth just a month ago. After the birth, the actress had been on a break and made her first public appearance on Wednesday. 

Nusrat Jahan dodges questions when asked about her newborn's father.

She was seen for a salon opening in Kolkata. Here, there were a ton of controversial questions that had offended the actress. One of the reporters had asked her who was the real father of the kid was. This made the actress reply “I think that’s a vague question to ask and puts a black spot on somebody’s character as a woman, who the father is. The father knows who the father is and we are having great parenthood together at the moment. Myself and Yash, we are having a good time.

For those who do not know about the story, Nusrat Jahan was married to Nikhil Jain in Turkey, privately in 2019. However, in 2021 she said that the marriage was not valid under Indian laws and had married Yash Dasgupta.

To clap back at these rumours, she had also posted a picture captioned “ Don’t take criticism from people u won’t take advice from… #newrole #newmommylife #newlook pic courtesy: Daddy.”   

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