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Patralekha thought I was a cheap man: Rajkumar Rao

Bollywood actor Rajkumar Rao revealed that his girlfriend Patralekha thought he was a lonely man before dating him. Recently Rajkumar Rao appeared as a guest on the Kapil Sharma Show with his new movie co-star Kriti Sanon. during the show, the host Kapil Sharma asked him several questions and he wondered why the filmmakers considered Rajkumar Rao as an ideal actor for movies that is related to marital problems. The Bollywood actor said he doesn’t have any idea of this thing because he is not married yet.

Patralekha thought I was a cheap man: Rajkumar Rao

During this conversation he sad how he made his girlfriend actress Patralekha. The Bollywood actor revealed that when her girlfriend first saw him she thought he is a cheap man like the character he played in ‘Love Sex aur Dhoka‘. But this impression didn’t last for long as they feel love after a while. He said ‘Unko laga tha ki yeh aisa neech admi hai toh mujhse baat nahi kar rahi thi‘. However, before meeting his girlfriend when he saw her advertisement on television he thought that she is a sweet girl and he should marry her. Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha have been in a relationship for a very long time. I have a really fun and private relationship. The couple starred in the film ‘City Lights‘ in 2014. They also work together in the series ‘Bose: dead/ alive. Meanwhile, sources are saying that they are going to be married in the month of November 2021.


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