PM Modi says, ‘India-EU Summit will most likely strengthen economic and cultural ties with Europe’

The economic crisis which the country is facing during the Pandemic, the economic leaders are coming forward to discuss global cooperation and solidarity to protect lives, in order to mitigate the socio-economic risks.

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Prime Minister Modi said that there will be a meeting held today later around 4:30 PM. And there would be discussed the economic condition and the ways to I prove it. As they are planning onto increasing their connections with Europe. He states that he is sure that this summit will bring positive changes and would better the livelihood of people who suffered a lot during the Corona Virus spread.

EU is one of India’s largest trading and investment partners but it has great untapped trade potential with India, sources said ahead of India-EU virtual summit on Wednesday and noted that the two sides have great potential to develop a comprehensive Foreign Trade Agreement.
They said the two sides have great potential to develop trade and economic relations.

Let’s stay positive and see and work hard for our better future both personally and for the country’s sake as well. It’s high time that we suffered.

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