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Punjab CM favours the extention of lockdown says final decision will be taken after the state cabinet meeting

Punjab chief minister Ambrinder Singh on friday said ongoing lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus should continue. According to him the health experts have predicted about the spread of COVID-19 are horrible and frightening with the coming days the number of deaths and number of infected people are increasing without any stop. He said by including government is preparing themselves to face and fight against the horrible situation.

Research by Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and research, CM said the virus is likely to touch its peak by middle of september and may likely to affect 58 percent of Indian population and 87 percent of punjab and other states population. He said that the state was expecting a bumper crop of 185 lakh tonnes of wheat and is making arrangements for the harvest of the crop. He called a press conference through video conferencing Amarinder Singh said punjab will allow district wise relief from lockdown only to farmers to allow them from harvesting of Rabi crop.

India has registered more than 6500 corona virus cases till friday despite a three week strict clapdown to control the outbreak. Punjab recorded 132 cases. Only the good thing about corona virus is that the drug supply line has been broken. On a question the punjab chief minister admitted that there has been some community transmission of the virus in punjab and there are 27 positive cases from among Tablighi Jamat congregation addresses in Nizamuddin in Delhi. The decision was taken by the chief minister of punjab at the meeting of the state cabinet, just a day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet chief ministers of all states to decide on the extension of nation wide lockdown.

Chief minister Ambrinder singh had earlier in day said the lockdown should continue while noting the prediction of experts about the spread of the pendemic the punjab government on friday said that it is extending the lockdown in the state till April 30 to curb the spread of the corona virus becoming the second state to do so after odisha. Lockdown on April 14 will not end, it depends on how the things stand at the time there is a general sense among various chief ministers that given the current graph of the virus the lockdown may need to be extended.

The prime minister’s final decision will be taken on April 11 in consultation with other states Chief Minister. According to me lockdown should continue further and more restrictions should be taken in whatever form for the sake of people. Apart from sealing the places and making hotspots we need to ensure strict social distancing. Anyhow COVID-19 is unlikely to disappear overnight. By seeing the current seriousness of the situation arising of the COVID-19 the cabinet has decided to extend the lockdown and curfew till may 1 tweeted Chief Minister Amarinder Singh.

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