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Punjab Government will promote all the students from classes 5 to 10 without exams

The COVID-19 has affected almost all of the sectors and so it did on Education. The pandemic occurred in India and most parts of the World around March, which is usually the end of the Academic Year for most of the institutions. The exams start in March and each grade will be continued to almost the end of April, while some colleges have the exams in May too.

The Government has asked the institutions to shut down long before the deadly outbreak, as schools and colleges are placed with heavy densities and rooms that are not prepared for social distancing.

With that, the students have been receiving online classes and some also seem to conduct online examinations, assignments and all. Also, many states have already declared to promote the students, and Punjab has been the one to join the list recently.

The PSEB ( Punjab State Education Board ) has declared the cancellation of all exams and promotion based on their performance in Pre-Board exams. This statement was given by the Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, given the current situation due to the pandemic.

The State Government has also decided upon promoting the students of classes 5 to 9 too.

Additionally, “The state government has decided to promote all students of Classes V to X under Punjab School Education system to next class without any examination, in light of the unprecedented COVID crisis, which has led to prolonged lockdown/curfew,” the Chief Minister said.

The Punjab State has reported 1,695 cases of the novel Coronavirus and around 29 have died.

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