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Rahul Vaidya feels India needs a ‘Funeral Management Agency’.

With the death of Sidharth Shukla, yet another celebrity who had unfortunately passed away before his time, but celebrities are more offended by the media. Apparently, the media has crossed the limits again.

Rahul Vaidya feels India needs a 'Funeral Management Agency'.

Celebrities have been complaining about this aspect of media for quite some time. The media had apparently been staying in front of Shukla’s residence. A lot of celebrities like Kushal Tandon, Suyyash Rai, Guahar Khan, and Rahul Vaidya had talked about this indifference of the media on their social media.

Suyyash Rai had posited on his Instagram “PLEASE !!! Dear Media… It’s brilliant how you guys come and be a part of our events and be a part of happiness and trust me we really really appreciate it and feel touched by that… but days like today when someone has lost their loved ones…you all should let them be…in their own space…and give them THEIR TIME… with THEIR LOVED ones to say a final goodbye in peace A It’s heartbreaking to see them struggle just to step out of the car and reach there !! It’s okay times to let it be! I know most of you are doing your jobs but it’s a request from the bottom of my heart to let such events be just a family affair,”. Rahul Vaidya had written a note and shared “I think our country badly requires a Funeral management agency.

We really hope that the media would consider all these complaints and give Shukla’s family some privacy and let them grieve in peace.


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