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Roadies Revolution- Episode 18 update, Gang Varun leads the task, check here

Roadies Revolution is a reality show on MTV.

Before this episode, all the gang leaders and contestants survived a double vote out and later Raftaar had to leave the journey temporarily for his new album release. Varun Sood came as substitution Leader for Raftaar.

In the latest episode of Roadies Revolution, the gang leaders and contestants leave Rishikesh and start their journey to their next destination- Tauli. On reaching the destination, gang leaders get to stay in the ashram and contestants are given homestay in the village.

Everyone is in a happy and fun mood. Gang leaders are sitting together and talking wherein Rannvijay Singha tried to scare Neha Dhupia with horror stories. For all, it was a night to be remembered.

Next day everyone is headed towards their task location. The task had three stages.

In the first stage, the contestants are teamed up and have to design a tribal outfit that gives and spread across some type of message.

In the second stage, female contestants have to untie themselves from a rope while crossing many hurdles. Then one member from each team is to participate in the javelin throw.

In the third stage, the male and female contestants have to fight separately to get a juice bottle wherein here both the times, contestants Nisha and Sanjay who were thought to be the weakest of all proved everyone wrong and grabbed the fruit juice bottles for their team.

Both of them were from Varun Sood’s team which made Gang Varun lead the task. All the gang leaders were shocked by Sanjay’s powerpack performance. They cheered for him even more.

The task will be continued in the next episode as well. So, stay tuned for more updates.

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