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Roger Federer says, “It would be difficult for me to play behind doors”

The first thought comes in our mind when we hear about Tennis is only talented ace tennis star, Roger Federer.

Roger Federer ruled the court for a very long time with his abilities and demeanour and won 20 grand slams singles title – the most in the history of the male player.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, a number of big tournaments either postponed or cancelled and uncertainty over what comes next is still there.

Keeping all these things in mind, tennis governing bodies are striving hard and leaving no stone unturned to resume the proceedings.
But, Ace player has solely rejected the idea of playing tennis in front of an empty stand. He came out and voiced out his opinion of playing major tournaments behind the closed doors and totally not in favour of this idea.

He said in a video call with Brazilian legend Gustavo Kuerten “It is very hard to imagine competition in an empty stadium, I can’t win and I hope it will never happen. Although when we train there are no people, competing is very different”.

He further added that situation is not in our favour right now. We should wait for the right moment to return in the best condition so that one third or half of the stadium would be full for playing.

On the contrary tennis player, Rafal Nadal and Novak Djokovic have supported the proposal of playing tennis without fans.

The German football league Bundesliga has already started the season without fans and other major leagues like premier league and La Liga are set to restart their games behind doors.

By keeping the current situation in mind, activities of tennis should be resumed as soon as possible because lower ranks player living solely depend on tournaments.

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