Rohit Sharma feels Suresh Raina should be back in the team, formerly said in an Instagram live session

India’s vice-captain Rohit Sharma feels that Suresh Raina should be back in the Indian Cricket Team. He also wants MS Dhoni to play again in these international matches.
Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina interact with each other on Instagram live session, they talk about Chennai Super Kings’ batsman and the injuries they all had.
Rohit Sharma told Suresh Raina that they always talk to the squad about Suresh Raina deserves to be back in the team.

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Rohit Sharma said, “I realize it is extremely tough to be out of the team after playing for therefore a few years. We wont to talk that we should always have Raina within the team in how. You have the experience and skill with bowling and fielding. I feel that we have seen you play for such a long time, somewhere I feel that somehow or the other you should be back in the team. But then we’ll see, we cope with what we’ve in our hands.”

After what Rohit Sharma said Suresh Raina replied that he is hopeful that he make his comeback soon.

Suresh Raina Said, “ had an injury and a surgery which was an enormous reason why I lost my place. I still have tons of cricket left in me. Selection is not in our hands, performances are. I have always enjoyed my cricket and therefore the big players always backed us once we were young. So that is what we need, someone to support us and show the way.”

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