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Rohit Sharma grows sprouts, shares picture of on Instagram story

Amid the lockdown, while all the activities are at halt all are spending time at home with family and are also learning new things.

As all the things are at halt sports activities are also paused our Indian cricketers are spending time with their family and in learning new things.

Today, India opener shared pictures of his own grown sprouts during the lockdown. Sprouts are rich in nutrients and inexpensive and it takes a few days to grow and can be grown easily at home. He took to his Instagram handle where he uploaded three pictures as an Instagram story.

All three pictures show three different levels of growth of sprouts. In the first picture, one can see beans scattered on wet cotton in a square box.

The beans start expanding as they start taking more space as they grow up. In picture 3rd we can see the growth of sprouts through beans and the developed stems and leaves. On the pictures, he mentioned day 1, day 2, and day3 with a smiling emoticon. Which represents the was happy on the growth of sprouts.

The IPL was postponed by BCCI due to the outbreak of a dangerous pandemic. In the 2020 IPL Rohit was to cover lead four-time champions Mumbai Indians and that this was to take place March 24 to March 29 and now it had been postponed.

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