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Salman Khan’s new song Pyaar Karona is out, SRK applauds for the song

The lockdown, the quarantine are these two words about which people are really bored of hearing now. The static and a cycled routine of the people have made their lives dull .
People as per the protocol have to stay inside . The main source of the entertainment for the people after a long weekend before the lockdown was going out and watching movies but now this all just can’t happen right now .

No new songs were released people were sick of their on repeat same playlist as well. But to the surprise our bajarangi bhaijaan none other than our beloved salman khan has currently released a song named ‘pyaar karona’ that signifies corona virus .
The song after being released immediately got millions of views and the fans went crazy and ofcourse happy by listening to the song because the lyrics surely have a kick .the song has been composed by sajid -wajid and has been sung by our sallu bhai . This song was prepared using very less resources and gadgets because of the corona lockdown .

In the song we can see the rapping skills of salman khan , the lyrics of the song are like pyaar karona madad karona. It is really a smart and wise way that Salman has chosen to make people understand the depth of the situation and to help each other in this crisis.
The rivalry between our king khan that is Shah rukh khan and our sallu bhai was quite on the flames during the past but now everything is at peace between them . Now between the two none hesitates to be a part of the happy and a sad moment in each other’s lives and stand by each other whenever required.

Talking about the song shah rukh khan also praised about the song to Salman khan via Twitter. The former wrote that Bhai kamaal ka Single aur Singer hai. Also salman khan posted hos songs video on his Instagram account and wrote a caption saying Emotionally pass raho aur physically duurr raho na

PyaarKarona, audio out now!

Once the rivalry of shah rukh khan and Salman khan was the talk of the town but now we all are glad to know that everything is at peace between the two superstars of the Bollywood.

Salman is currently seen really active on social media and is always seen people advising to take the precautions, stay inside the homes , stay safe and help each other in every possible way. The actor is telling people to not to loose hope and stay strong in this difficult time . Because we all are in this together none is alone at all.

We hope salman’s this song becomes a superhit song and people also understand the importance and idea behind this song.

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