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Sania Mirza says she is ready to play tennis in empty stadium, in favour of organising events behind doors amid the lockdown

Sport tournaments , national and international matches and championships have been greatly effected by the novel corona virus. Many sports events have been either postponed or have been cancelled on the basis of current situation around the globe .
The Indian Premier League, The women’s section of the Rogers Cup ( tennis) have been postponed due to the amidst of corona virus. The players are quite disheartened because of the postponed and cancelled sports events.

Sania mirza gave birth to his little on izhaan mirza malik in 2018 and thereafter went for a maternity leave . Now when the former was back after her maternity leave after two years, the corona virus hit the world . All the events are now thus cancelled and delayed . It is not easy for a player to come back to field again but sania claims she wanted to play Tokyo Olympics that has now been passed on to year 2021.Sania mirza said that out there is a proper process that needs to be acknowledged To get back in the form to play a certain level of sports.

Sania then presented the idea of the tennis matches to be played behind the empty doors in the empty stadium. She said the audience and the fans surely motivate them and their cheering their names creates a whole different environment in the stadium and sparks the spirit of the players.

But to start the sport before 2021 it should be started at a nominal or a basic level so that the sports do not completely shut during this year.

She said that she badly wants to return to the game but Corona virus will surely leave its after effects and therefore maybe after the crisis there may a different sporting world or a change in the way of helding the matches. She said that Tennis has been hit really badly.. sports have been hit really badly. It’s sad there are no live sports when you switch on the TV and I don’t remember the last time there was no live sport on TV. It’s really sad. I think sports will come back eventually but I don’t think it will happen in the next few months unless this virus disappears magically from the air.

I was ready to play Tokyo 2020 which is why I made this comeback. If I wasn’t ready to play, I wouldn’t have come back. So I don’t think this necessarily gives me headroom. If at all, that (Tokyo Games delay) is actually a bit of a negative for me. I will be a year older next year. I am not on the younger side of a tennis player. It is not something ideal. Her idea of playing indoor tennis might be considered by the organizers and it may be held before the tokyo Olympics. All other sports have also been terribly effected by the corona virus . It has made the spirit and the life of the players dull , along with the players their audience, their fans are waiting for their matches and are waiting to cheer them in the stadium .

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