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See how Karanvir Bohra met his mother on her Birthday, Watch the video here

T.V. and film actor Karanvir Bohra is the reel and real-life hero as well. He very well played the role of a good son and made an example for all the sons out there.

During all this pandemic and with rules of lockdown he didn’t fail to surprise his mother on her birthday in a very new manner. It is wonderful for any mother seeing his son giving her a surprise despite all this pandemic. Karanvir Bohra surprised her mother by coming in front of her building to wish her a very happiest birthday.

Today, he shared a video on his Instagram account where he was in front of his mother & wishing her happy birthday because his mother was living in another building and he was not allowed to enter due to safety measures of COVID. He and his mother were with full safety measures, they both kept their mouth covered with the masks. He very fatuously wished her mother and added a caption to this “is this going to be a new normal?”.


The video he posted was showing that he very eagerly bent to touch his mother feet but he didn’t touch. He just bent and said happy birthday and his mother also followed the same, she didn’t touch him but was giving him her blessings from the actions.

Then they both did the namaskar from distance and hugged each other by actions, and Karanvir Bohra gave the reaction very surprisingly also said: “mai Apni maa ko hug bhi nhi kar Sakta”. we can understand what he wanted to say his reaction was simply explaining that what else we(he and his mother) can do. He showed his immense love to her mother by this surprise.

At the end he said a bye to her mom, Karanvir Bohra’s example will last forever. He gave a message to the people to stay home to stay safe. On the video, he added this caption “We all may start going out and resuming our normal lives soon, but please be safe, be cautious and take care of your immunity by eating healthy coz this virus affects people with multiple disorders, be it YOUNG or OLD”.

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