Shamita Shetty gives a new twist to a trending TikTok challenge, watch here the video here

During this lockdown, everyone is enjoying the time with their family. No one knows when the corona will go. Hence everyone started enjoying their own time. Like that Bollywood actress are spend their time learning skills and brush up their knowledge.

Today’s special is a famous Bollywood actress Shamita is sharing TikTok video. Shamita Shetty, the younger sibling of Shilpa Shetty has declared her love for TikTok videos. Shamita the star from Mohabbatein, thinks that the concept of TikTok is something that is very helpful for staying relevant and entertaining the masses.

She has already got the record of being something of a social media influencer. In this video, she is wearing a top and shots and also scoff. She is dancing happily soon she is changed into a blind lady and walk with the help of the stick.

As soon as her fans were dropped a hearts on the comment box. Her cute Tik Tok video wons everyone’s heart. She resembles her sister Shilpa Shetty. Where Aamir Ali commented,” Funny Bunny”. Her persona is revered by many and honoured by all. But with the help of her Tik Tok account, she can proudly make herself visible in the current market of people.