Shirley Setia cooks pizza for the first time, the singer shares a picture with her fans on Instagram

Shirley Setia belongs to Auckland, New Zealand. She is a singer as well as an actor. Currently, she is waiting for things to get a resume. As amid the lockdown, all the things had come to a halt. All want to get back to their daily job and work.

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Amid the lockdown, all are bored as they are left with no new things to be done. Mostly all the celebrities, as well as common people, are spending their time with their family. All are trying to learn different new things.

Shirley Setia who is a famous Singer, as well as an actor, is spending time at home during the lockdown. Yesterday she took to her Instagram handle where she posted a picture of a pizza. That pizza was made by her. The pizza in the picture seems very delicious and tasty.

She mentioned it was her first attempt. She made pizza for the first time. The picture of pizza got thousands of likes within a couple of hours. On posting the picture she captioned the picture as “Probably doesn’t look that fancy, but tasted like a dream” #firstattempt #homemadepizza #ilovepizza #foodie. Her caption showed her love for the pizza.

On her work front, she is waiting to get the things to resume so that she could start her shooting for the big screen debut ‘Nikamma’ after India succeeds in the fight with dangerous Covid-19.

“COVID-19 has really affected everyone, and once it is better things will slowly move back on track like it is meant to. We are yet to finish the shoot, and I can’t wait to get back to the camera once work can officially and safely be resumed. For now, we must be at home, wait and pray for things to get better,” told by Shirley. Nikamma is directed by Sabbir Khan.

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