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Sophie Choudary makes ‘Almond milk seviyan’ for the first time, check the story here

It has been known that seviyan is the most popular desserts in India which no one cannot miss to have it on any Indian festival. This famous dish is made up of using milk and vermicelli. This seviyan is not popular among the Muslims but Indians also love to cook these yummy and mouthwatering desserts. Seviyan aka vermicelli has a rich sweet taste and the effort which is being used to make this tempting dish is very less and the process of making this dessert is quite an easy process.

It has been told by the Sophie Choudary regarding the seviyan that this dish is very auspicious and served at the time in the morning of the Eid to all the family members and even shared with the neighbourhood friends. Even, Sophie mentioned that the taste of this dessert is a superb one and the preparation of this dish is quite simple. So, this time on the special occasion i.e. Eid Sophie Choudary makes the almond milk seviyan for the first time and it tasted very good. Sophie Choudary even mentioned that while making this seviyan she made this recipe as a podcast to connect with different people through her voice.

Sophie Choudary even shared the recipe regarding the making of almond seviyan with her fans in which she has mentioned that to make this wonderful dessert the process is very easy and it only requires 10-15 minutes. To make this dessert, few things are been required such as vermicelli seviyan (one cup), one-litre milk, eight to ten pieces of almonds, 10 pieces of resin, nine pieces of cashew nuts, one bay leaf, three to four pieces of cloves, one stick of cinnamon, three to four pieces of cardamom, two teaspoons of grated dry coconut, one teaspoon of ghee and sugar as per the taste. Sophie is very health conscious so that is the reason she has replaced the sugar with the sugar-free natural.

Sophie Choudary was very excited after making this almond seviyan for the first time on Eid and was thrilled to share this dessert with her close relatives and family members so that they can taste and appreciate her for this high effort which she has used in making this almond milk seviyan. As per Sophie, firstly she heated the ghee in a pan and along with that sauté bay leaves, cardamom and cinnamon for at least 10 seconds on a low flame. Also, she mentioned that the release of the aroma will ensure the one who is cooking this seviyan to proceed further. Then, Sophie also mentioned that then she added roasted vermicelli to the aromatic mixture and fry the same till the time it gets golden brown.


Once the colour of vermicelli will get changed then add warm milk into the same and let it boil the same mixture on a low flame. Through boiling try to reduce the milk and make sure that the consistency of the milk will remain as per your preference. Sophie Choudary has made this vermicelli for the first time so she tries to keep the consistency of the milk as a thin one as per her preference. As I already mentioned that Sophie preferred to use sugar-free Nutra as it is 600 times sweeter than the regular sugar so she added the same into the vermicelli. Thereafter, Sophie Choudary added grated coconut to garnish the same vermicelli.

Finally, vermicelli was made; hence, Sophie Choudary did the plating by pouring the whole mixture into a colourful bowl and later on garnishes it with the chopped almonds and cashew nuts. Sophie was thrilled and enjoys this self-made almond vermicelli with her family members and also stated that everybody should enjoy it with their friends irrespective of any situation. So, this way she utilized her quarantine time by make almond milk seviyan for the first time.

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