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South Korea closes pubs and hotels as the second wave of coronavirus hits

South Korea’s government had eased its restrictions on social distancing due to a slow down in infections, but a new case of a 29-year-old who went club-hopping has triggered an alarm and shaken the country again. With no vaccine in sight, the government of South Korea had urged its citizens to reclaim their daily lives. On Sunday which was the fourth day of the new phase, the mayor of Seoul ordered all the nightclubs and bars to be closed indefinitely after a cluster of Covid-19 infections. Initially, South Korea has attacked the coronavirus pandemic with huge success without allowing it to affect the country’s economy much. According to an epidemic logical strategist “We hope to slow the spread and keep the size down to small, sporadic outbreak, hopefully of 20 to 30 cases, that come and go”. The country has recorded about 11,000 cases of the virus and 256 deaths, the country has adopted aggressive testing, contact tracing, social distancing and a near-universal use of masks.

Among the club-goers, 27 cases have been found and the mayor scolded the patron “just because of a few person’s carelessnesses, all our efforts so far can go to waste”. Students wear masks to school and do not play contact sports and nightclubs and bathhouses have to take temperatures of everyone that is allowed in. The health ministry spokesman said, “A second outback will be inevitable at some point, but it will not be like the first wave that saw an explosive surgery”. Health officials say they will be better placed to combat the virus the next time especially because of their success the first time.

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