Sunil Gavaskar feels if the COVID-19 curve flattens in India, IPL and T20 World Cup can happen in India

The former cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has given brilliant advice regarding the scheduling of the quadrennial event. The legendary India opener suggested that India can swap the T20 World Cup with Australia and host it in this year instead of 2021 if the COVID-19 curve flattens in India.

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He said that-

“If it can be done next year’s T20 World Cup is in India. If it can be done where India and Australia come to an agreement, in case the curve in India flattens out and India and Australia swap, so the T20 World Cup is in India in October-November this year and Australia in October-November next year, then it can happen.”
BCCI has currently postponed the cash-rich league due to coronavirus pandemic.

Gavaskar also stated that-

“If it is going to happen that way, then maybe what can happen is the IPL can be held just prior to the T20 World Cup so that it’s enough practice for the players to have T20 World Cup.”

The former captian also pitched in for the postponement of Asia Cup 2020 and added that-

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“Then the Asia Cup can be held in December in the UAE. That’s a much better time to have the tournament than in September when it can be extremely hot.”

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