Sunny Leone pranked her husband Daniel on her Live session by pretending to shop off her finger, see his reaction

Famous Bollywood star Sunny Leone has been entertaining her fans since the coronavirus lockdown started. And this time she left her fans laughing when she posted a new video in which she pranked her husband Daniel Weber.

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This Sunday she went live on Instagram and did an epic prank as she showed him a chopped finger and faked bleeding made out of paint. She shouts to call Daniel to the kitchen who was in his room. He freaks out on seeing his wife bleeding and starts running here and there to help her. Then, Sunny makes him look at her phone to realize that he was being pranked.

Sunny starts the video by saying, “Daniel ka band bajega aaj.”

Sharing the video on Instagram, Sunny captioned, “Prank!! This ain’t no cooking video!!!! Haha, @dirrty99 got pranked and served!!”

Have a look at it here:

When Sunny asks him about the prank he says, “Generally, I am a pretty serious person in life. That is just my personality. I actually don’t even like pranks that much. I don’t even like pranks on other people and I definitely don’t like pranks on me. So, if you want me to rate your prank, I think it’s a zero because I hated that it was done on me.”

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