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Sunny Leone shared videos of her husband helping her in the household chores. Check out here.

The year 2020 may look like the scariest year with the highly contagious virus, COVID-19 on the loose. The global pandemic has taken over 3 lakh lives across the world and the cure for it hasn’t been found yet. These uncertain times and forced quarantine has made our life a lot

This lockdown has also forced many people to do things they wouldn’t normally do, like cooking or household chores. Since the household help can’t reach their homes, people have taken matters into their own hands to clean their houses and pass some of their time.

A lot of celebrities have posted pictures or videos of themselves doing household chores. Joining the long list is Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber who recently posted a video on his Instagram.

After spending weeks of lockdown in Mumbai, Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber flew down to their Los Angeles home with their three children – Nisha, Asher and Noah. It looks like she is having a great time in the US if a new video shared by her husband is anything to go by.

In the video shared by Daniel on Instagram, he is seen wiping their glass windows clean, as Sunny says in the background, “Found our new hot gardener and cleaner!” He joked that his skills were for hire and wrote in the caption, “I clean and she eats chocolate!!! I’m available
for windows washing !!! Add it to the paid skills you may hire me for D;)X.”

Sunny Leone had tied the knot with Daniel Weber and created her own happily ever after with three kids and perfect home. The actress often shares snippets of her quarantine diaries on her Instagram handle and makes sure to keep her followers entertained with her

One fan joked that his windows were ‘super dirty due to the storm’ and invited Daniel to come and clean them. “Husband goals,” another wrote. Another jokingly asked how much he would charge for his services.

Earlier, in a video shared by Sunny, Daniel joked that she was lazy and a terrible cook. While he said that he ‘could not have asked for a better situation’, his placards told a different story. ‘Help me’, ‘She’s driving me crazy’, ‘She sleeps all day’, ‘Her cooking sucks’, ‘She’s so lazy’, ‘She lives in pyjamas’ and ‘She takes selfies all day’, the placards in his hands read, as he showered praises on her verbally.

On the work front, Sunny recently started an online chat show on Instagram, where she is joined by special guests for a candid chat.

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