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Sunny Leone works out in the gym after a whole 3 months

Karenjit Kaur Vohra known by her stage name Sunny Leone, took to Instagram to post an exercise video. Sunny is seen walking on a treadmill.

Because of some relaxation with the unlock down she got a chance to visit the gym after a long period of 3 months. Having a mask with her sports outfit to prevent herself from infection.

The 39 years old actress believes in being fit. She used to visit the gym at least twice or thrice a week before the nationwide lockdown. During the lockdown, Sunny Leone ensured her fitness well. She practices Pilates and yoga.


Sunny Leone is one of the most searched celebrities in India apart from her career in the adult film industry. She is well known for her hotness and toned figure. And for the svelte figure she needs to do a lot, workout for 7-8 hours and proper monitoring of diet are the necessary things.

She is a model and actress in India with American and Canadian citizenship. She has played a role in independent mainstream events, films and television series. After participating in Bigg Boss season 5 she became a household name. She has been a part of activism campaigning for collecting money for American Cancer Society through Rock ‘n’ Rolls Los Angeles Half Marathon and posed for PETA (people for ethical treatment of animal), a campaign with a rescue dog, cats & encourage pet owners to have their dogs spayed & neutered.

Her good looks are always admired by her fan following. Sunny Leone’s high intense workout video will give you all the motivation you need to hit the gym. There are a lot of things which go side by side with hotness and her toned figure.

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Sunny Leone is also the owner of Star Stuck Cosmetics and promotional star. She used to post igtv videos, short promotional videos and some discounts video on Star Stuck Cosmetics range. The post gets lots of comments in a very short span.

‘I’m looking forward to your post the most, because I’m your big fan, I like every post very much…’ a fan wrote in the comment section where another one commented ‘ people praise beauty, I praise your personality’. The postmarks it’s presence by 1770+ comments and
2646300+likes. All this shows how much her fans love her.

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