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The Central Government makes a megaplan for migrant labourers welfare and employment

The Modi government has prepared the mega plan for migrant labourers who have lost their livelihood and Employment due to the lockdown in covid-19 Crisis.

The central government made a list of 116 districts in 6 states of the country where the the largest number of migrant labourers have written during the lockdown.

Now, the government has made a megaplan for the migrant labourers’ Welfare and employment.

Under this scheme, every migrant worker should be automatically enrolled in the fund that will operate on the equal contribution from the workers, employer, home state government destination, State Government and Central Government destination.

This fund will be managed by the labour ministry and will address the requirements of accommodation, health insurance and unemployment allowance in case migrant workers shift a job.

The group of ministers also suggested confidence-building measures such as scholarships to the children of migrant labour workers for schooling, access to Anganwadis for their children, textbook and school uniforms, water and sanitation measures, at their place of stay,
ration and portability and Recreation activities by their employers.

The group of Ministers also recommended a drive can be launched to enrol around 2 crore construction workers who are eligible but not registered the building and other construction workers(BCOW) act.

This will provide pension, social assistance, housing loans, education benefits, Maternity benefits, and skill training to all the workers.

Earlier, the Central government has already announced a scheme for migrant labourers that is” one Nation,one ration card”.

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