Tihar jail begins to give emergency parole to convicts

The plan to provide emergency parole to the convicts is under process as said by the officials of Tihar Jail. this has been done to contain the spread of coronavirus for the convicts of more than 60 years of age, more relaxed parole will be given as they are more prone to the virus as compared to the other convicts in the jail.

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“The process of granting emergency parole to the convicts is going on. For convicts above 60 years of age a more relaxed criteria has been kept as compared to other science they are more prone to the disease” said the official in a statement.

The High power committee has been told by the jail authority that the prisoners and the staff working in prison are taking proper measures nad necessary precaution and adhering to social distancing.

The officials said on Saturday that the measure has been taken to decongest the jails and prevent the formation of the chain of coronavirus patients in the jail itself.it has been said that if an inmate has been kept in prison for less than 5 years and already has completed three
months, they are eligible to be given emergency parole and for more years the inmate should have completed 6 months and their appeal should not be pending in the court.

The behaviour of the inmate will also be considered while granting them emergency parole if they are found against the appeal of the high court or supreme court they will not remain eligible for it.

The parole will be granted to the inmates for a time period of eight weeks.

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