TV show shoots to begin by June end, new guidelines to be followed

We can soon watch new episodes and television shows. TV buffs can soon resume the shoots of new episodes and shows by the end of June with new guidelines. In the exclusive chat BN Tiwari, president of the Federation of Western Indian Cine Employee revealed that they put some conditions for producers keeping the daily wagers in mind.

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The following are the conditions, that the TV producers need to agree in order to resume shoot:

FWICE has started training and everyone on how to wear a mask and use sanitizer. Every set will have an inspector, who will inspect who is wearing a mask and who is not wearing a mask. Until the workers get used to it, the inspector will continue to be there.
If a worker dies if the novel coronavirus the channel and producer will have to pay a compensation of Rs. 50 lakh to the workers family and also should take care of their medical expenses. For accidental deaths, producers have given Rs.40 to 42 lakh but FWICE has kept the minimum compensation amount to Rs. 50 lakh. This will boost the confidence of the workers, who will be assured that is something happens to them the producers will take care of their family, and will look forward to coming to work.

During a shoot, there are at least 100 or above people on the sets. But according to the circumstances, makers will have to manage with 50 per cent of that unit. Producers will also have to confirm that the remaining 50 per cent of the unit. Producers will also have to confirm that the remaining 50 per cent working in shifts so that no one goes jobless. People above 50 years of age have been asked to stay at home for the next three months, as they are more prove to Covid 19 than the others.

An Ambulance should always b there on the sets in case of emergency, FWICE will go to conduct a virtual meeting with the producers and channel heads regarding the new guidelines.

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