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Ufri Javed says Javed Akhtar was “never associated” with her.

If you are familiar with Bigg Boss and its new episodes, you might recognize Ufri Javed. She was the first member to be evicted from the house and had said that she won’t be returning back there.

Ufri Javed says Javed Akhtar was "never associated" with her.

However, recently she had been criticized for her outfit. She was seen exiting the Bigg Boss OTT House wearing a ripped denim cropped shirt over a bralette and jeans. This was quite fashionable however, the media did not seem to like it. They started to criticize her for it. 

Additionally, she was also shamed for wearing an outfit being the granddaughter of Javed Akhtar. To this, she replied “People have cooked up stories just because my entire name is Urfi Javed. But he was never associated with me in any way. All this is just done to troll him and put his name down by associating my outfit controversy with him. But how is that even relevant? Even if his own granddaughter wears anything of her choice, what’s wrong with that? Why is he being held responsible for that?

In fact, this rumour had been going on for quite some time and even Shabana Azmi had talked about “She is not related to us in any way. Stop spreading lies!”

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