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Vishakhapatnam gas leak leaves the nation in anguish. The government announces 1 crore relief for families of the victims

The beginning of the year 2020 has been bad and every now and then a new reason arises to make it worse. From the American forest fires to the outbreak fo pandemic, this year has seen some major changes and marked in the history of the world.

On may 7th a gas leak happened in Vishakhapatnam that has made the condition of the
people living there even worse along with the pandemic fight going on. The accident has
affected over 1,000 people of the five surrounding villages within a radius of three
kilometres. At least 11 people including a minor have been reported to be dead in the
incident. the leakage was of styrene gas that affects the central nervous system fo the body at LG Polymer Vigaz plant in the initial hours of Thursday.along with the deaths of these 11 people a few have been found sick in the surrounding 5 villages of the 3 km radius. Some 200 people were taken to hospitals after they had complained of facing difficulty in breathing.

They also had complained about a burning sensation in their eyes.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the people to have a closer look at the situation that occurred and said to have a talk over this with the home ministry officials and National Disaster Management Authority and held a meeting with the authorities to have a look over the matter and provide relief to the affected.

The incident is said to happen between 3 am -4 am on Thursday CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy assured people of Andhra Pradesh and announced an ex gratia of Rs 1 crore for the families who have lost a member or more or the ones who are affected in the accident. He also announced a relief amount of 10 lakhs for the people who
live around or in the premice of the factory. it was also seen that animals were also highly affected with the gas leak and for the owners of the animals, an ex gratia of 20,000 has been allotted along with a compensation of 25,000 for the people under treatment. Andhra Pradesh chief minister told the media that over 1500 people were living in the vicinity and the chief secretary has been given the charge to stay at the place for a period of 2 days and have a personal look over the activities happening in the time being.

To prevent it from happening the gas has been neutralized by the team of NDRF and FIR
has been registered. A help desk was set up to assist the relief activities that need to happen in Vishakapatnam, as said by the minister of industries, Mekapati Gowtham Reddy.

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