What are the advantages and disadvantages of Counter Strike?


Counter strike is the video game which has high ratings. This game is adventurous because it resembles the world war. They will be number of players in Which two teams. one team stands for good and other are evil minded. counter strike will give protection to others. counter strike are similar to our army peoples. One who loves adventure, will definitely choose counter strike video game. Gaming is a huge platform in which counter strike ranks and maintain the frame.
It has unique market. Gaming makes one to feel free in hard situation. It used has an device of an entertainment. The main motive of video games is to provide the entertainment to the player. In counter strike, More than entertainment it has uniqueness. It is possible to earn money in Gaming? Definitely.

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Advantage of Counter Strike

More than entertainment in counter strike one can earn money in online. It depends upon the players ability of saving themselves in the battle. It helps to earn money even in the quarantine time. Many will spend the quarantine time in playing many games, to make the time in useful way and to be happy counter strike is one of the source. It depends upon the Individual, to make a time useful. This video game also make one feel strong in battle of life. Because counter strike is a game related to battle. So, if they win in battle the individual will have the confidence to face a life. Entertainment is a major reason, more over player’s are payed.

Is it helps parents? of course It helps the parents to control their children in easy way. Video games are liked by many children. If the parents are going for many parties or out of station, to control their children video games are provided. video games is more than enough for the children. Parents will reads the mind of the children, they will keep the children in control. occasionally video games are provided by their parents. Some aspects parents could encourage their children to play video games has they get money.

Disadvantages of Counter Strike

Some times advantage became the major disadvantage. Playing counter strike one can earn money but it is the major demerit. now a days youngsters are lazy in doing their job and are addicted to the social medias. In such cases, gaming also does the same. An individual will offer gaming to win money rather than working hard. Video games pay a way for laziness in the individual. In ancient days people are more active in doing work, they only believed in hardwork and dedication in life. But youngsters will n present generation are totally opposite to their ancestors. There are becoming lazy and mainly addicted to social medias. So, gaming makes one lazy. The individual making their working hours as an quarantine hours. Laziness entirely occupies the place in individual. Not only children are being wasting the times in video Games, Even the youngsters, who is the backbone for next generation.

Books, food for soul and body. During quarantine time one can spend by reading books and related activities but wasting time in video games. Gaming give pleasure of an minutes but books gives the best regards for life. It depends upon the way one spend the quarantine time. It could be nice to spend the time in unique ways. for example is reading books. And by spending the time which nature rather on video games. But video games occupies most of the time in quarantine days.

Parents are becoming one of the reason for they children to get addict. Parents should have the friendly relationship with children for some aspects. Children are misusing and are getting addict to video games. Every thing should be maintained in standard. If it exceeds, without knowing one will get addicted. Video games should be used only for entertainment purposes. It is better to overcome any problems. Adult spend there quarantine time in social medias and children in video games.

Addiction, major impact of video games, one cannot isolated after one is addicted. It will be applicable not only for video games but also for drinking, drugs, etc.., Everything’s has limits one should understand there way of being, rather addiction is the result. At one extent addiction , pull the man to commit suicide. There was many cases in India many children and adults are death because of a video games. As there parents put an restrictions to video games, The children cannot survive without the games so, there committed suicide. It was rare cases. But it still exists. This is applicable not only for counter strike for all video games.

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Video games, used as a happy pills. Many should understand this and use a video games in the proper way. It provides entertainment, which is needed now a days to pass a quarantine time

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