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Deepika padukone Revealed her husband complained about her on her family WhatsApp group !

Deepika padukone and Ranveer Singh are giving us major couple goals in this quarantine period . Instagram is having a melt down as these two love birds are sharing their amazing couple pictures on social media .Everyone is aware of how much this couple is Romantic some people may call their love as a form of PDA but we know that their love is true and pure.

These love birds are quite active on their social media handles these days . From posting stories to uploading pictures with amazing captions they both are doing it all. From the Nutella moment to house hold chores they are sharing their moments of most of the things they are doing ,with their fans.

So we have got an amazing update for you about this couple !

Deepika padukone is quite active and is energiser of the house. She never wants to sit idly at home or at work therefore she keeps herself engaged in various activities,
She loves cleanliness and whenever she gets time she starts cleaning the place around her and hence keeps her busy all the time . In many of her interviews she has stated that she can’t sit idly she likes to be busy and loves to do one or the other work.

The current sources said that Deepika stated that ranveer complaints about her in the family WhatsApp group ,Ranveer’s complaint is that Deepika never sits idly , even if she is ill or strained she keeps on working . Deepika said, “My mother always says it, Ranveer keeps saying it, ‘Can you sit in one place? Can you not have to do something all the time?’ And I don’t know. I am always up to something, my mind is always occupied. He calls it ‘phat-phat’ and then he complains on the family group.”

Isn’t it hilarious and cute at the same time ?

Currently ranveer sent his complaint in the family group that Deepika got his back strained and even after that she was hopping around and doing some or the other work .
Ranveer asked her to lay down and have some rest while he was going to the gym below his house. To have a surprise check ranveer came back after 20 minutes to have a check on Deepika and to his shock she was standing on the kitchen shelf setting up the things . Ranveer got quite angry after seeing Deepika like that !

Ranveer Singh then remarked Deepika by saying , Can you not do this phat phat all the time? Can you sit in one place? You have injured your back.’
Ranveer we like how you adore and love your queen Deepika Hope your bond gets stronger day by day .

On other hand apart from working out together this couple is cooking for one another as well ! Deepika and ranveer were also seen supporting our prime minister’s #9baje9minute moment , they were seen holding a lit candle in their hands as a symbol of support to the prime minister’s request.

Their fans are going gaga over them . Every one is loving their pictures also many of the B-TOWN’S celebrities are complementing the couple by posting wonderful compliments in the comment section of their pictures.

We hope Deepika agrees to hubby ranveer Singh’s advice and have some rest . We are glad to know that Deepika works actively in and out the house but we surely want to see her in pink of health.

Therefore this couple knows how to productively deal with isolation period . This couple keeps on posting their daily routine on their Instagram handles and keep sharing their moments with their fans.

From the day of their wedding till now this couple is giving us the cutest major couple goals. Hope we get more of their goals so that we can share it with you all
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