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Who is Gangubai Kathiawadi’s real family?

Gangubai Kathiwadi was the famous mafia queen of Mumbai on whose life a film starring Alia Bhatt has been released. Gangubai’s life is not just a story of a girl trapped in prostitution to become a mafia queen. Rather, it is the story of how to become a mafia queen and gain respect from her actions in the Kamathiwade area and beyond.

Who is Gangubai Kathiawadi's real family?

Gangubai Kathiawadi was a famous mafia queen. He was born in an aristocratic family in Kathiawar, Gujarat. His real name was Ganga Harjeevandas. From a young age, she used to dream of becoming a Bollywood artist and wanted to go to Mumbai for this. At the age of 16, she fell in love with her father’s accountant Ramnik Lal and moved with him from Kathiawar to Mumbai.

After coming to Mumbai, Ganga and Ramnik got married, but later Ramnik divorced Ganga and sold her for only 500 rupees. This ruined the life of Ganga. She got into prostitution and Ganga Bai’s new life started in Mumbai’s redlight area. According to Hussain Zaidi’s book Mafia Queens of Mumbai, Gangubai was a big name in Kamathipura, the biggest red light area of ​​Mumbai.

Gangubai lived a life of an expensive lifestyle after becoming a mafia queen. She was the only mafia queen who used to drive in a black Bentley car. Her wide golden strapped sari and big vermilion bindi on her forehead reflected her richness with her style. The other mafia of Mumbai was also affected by his dominance.

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