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World Health Organization Issues guidelines for safer Ramadan Practices, advises people to meet virtually

The world has been fighting against the coronavirus pandemic for a couple of
months now and it has been the most vulnerable sections of our society that are
most at risk of getting symptomatic.

While the world is busy fighting against the virus, WHO issued a few guidelines to be
followed b the people during the holy month of Ramadan which begins on April 23.
Since the outbreak of the virus all over the world and the protocol of strict social
distancing that is being followed all over the world, WHO has issued some guidelines
to follow and practice the safer celebration of Ramadan in the pandemic. This has
been done to mitigate the impact on public health.

It was said by the World Health Organisation that it is advisory to cancel any plans of
social gathering or meeting in person as the virus has claimed more than 1.5 lakh
lives all over the world. They said that before going forward with meeting in person or
violating the social distancing protocol, all standardized risk assessments must be
done, even if they still want to meet in large groups at public places in open.
It has been recommended by WHO to keep a distance of at least one meter at all
times irrespective of any cause or reason and practice physical distancing.

“To avoid physical contact, other ways of greeting can be adopted, such as nodding ,
waving or putting a hand on the heart. People who are unwell or old age people
should avoid ant social gatherings at any cost as they are most risked sections of the
ages. The people with pre-medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension are also
advised to stay at home for their safety” it said.

There are several health authorities all around the world that have been taking
measures and plans to approach the ongoing pandemic.
Instead of gatherings, virtual options can be considered as television radio or the
The religious leaders should be involved first so that they can be helpful in
communicating decisions related to the gatherings during Ramadan.

The world health agency recommended that the gathering should be performed
outdoors and a smaller group of people should be preferred over larger ones.” in
case any ill person has been identified, immediate contact tracing should be
performed” it said while laying down other measures as well like all attendees should
ensure to properly wash their hands both in and out of the mosque and proper
sanitation of most frequently touched places like light switches and staircase

The WHO also said that while offering “Zakah” or charity to the needy and instead of
serving iftar banquets packed food must be served.
However, no studies have been performed in relation of fasting with coronavirus, the
people with an infection with fast or after breaking the fast should consult the doctors
immediately, for being healthy during the times of pandemic, WHO has also suggested people to keep themselves hydrated at all times and maintain a healthy diet.

Fresh fruits and lots of water must be taken by the people who are fasting during this
period. Frequent smokers are said to be at high risk of catching the infection and
hence should be avoiding tobacco usage to avoid being a prey to the virus
The WHO has also said that if there is any domestic violence that is most likely to
happen during the phase of lockdown, the orders are given to the religious leaders
are said to take action and help the victims during their bad times.

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