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Ranbir, Katrina, Anushka and others are awestruck with Matterhorn being light up in Tricolour

Matterhorn is a mountain range of the alps is fronts the swiss town of zermat and is situated between Switzerland and italy. Since india is also suffering aand dealing from outburst of corona virus , it is really very difficult for a country like india with limited medical facilities with such an enormous population to deal

with the current pandemic. But india is dealing with it quite well by the medium of a lockdown situation also providing financial relief to the needy people from the government authorized and maintained funds.

Therefore to provide strength and hope to the people of india the mountain matterhorn was lit up with indian Tricolour, indian national flag ! And this made people awestruck .
Also on the official page zermatt matterhorn (tourism) the picture of the matterhorn mountain was uploaded while it was light with the Tricolour and the picture was captioned with , As one of the foremost populous countries within the world, India is affected by the Corona crisis. The challenges in such an outsized country are immense. The Indian flag on the Matterhorn is intended to express our solidarity and give hope and strength to all Indians.also on their official instagram page it they posted the picture of it and wrote hope and strength to all Indians.

Each and every indian after watching and knowing about felt proud , respected and strengthened .the indian embassy also wrote to Switzerland embassy:- Indian Tricolour On The Matterhorn Mountain: Indian Tricolour of quite 1000 meters in size projected on Matterhorn Mountain, Zermatt, Switzerland to precise Solidarity to all or any Indians within the fight against COVID 19. A big thank you to @zermatt_tourism for the gesture…..
Along with other citizens of india the Bollywood celebrities also took a step forward and thanked the embassy of Switzerland.

Actors katrina kaif, anushka Sharma and ranveer singh took to their Instagram stories to show their gratitude to this act .ranveer uploaded the picture of matterhorn mountain and wrote

Switzerland’s most beautiful mountain the @zermat.matterhorn li up in the glorious indian Tricolour . A message of solidarity and hope… A tribute to the indomitable human spirit. Light Art by @gerryhofstetter and @gabrielperren #inlovewithswitzerland @myswitzerlandin . Also katrina kaif amd anushka Sharma uploaded the picture of the matterhorn mountain in their Instagram stories and anushka on the other hand wrote , this is so beautiful.

India is coping up with the situation quite practically and the medical staff along with the civilians are working with great efficiency with their continuous shifts and duties.
Our Bollywood stars leave no way to not participate in anything asked by the government and now as well by posting the pictures of matterhorn, this shows their love and respect and that they are proud being the citizen of the india.

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