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Abhay Deol’s painting clearly shows he doesn’t really give a damn, check here for the post

In this pandemic, Actor Abhay Deol has been trying to execute his immense talent in the form of painting. He has been doing an amazing job and we found out his new talent that he is a great and an absolute artist.

He has been doing quite a series on his Instagram. Until now, he has showcased his talent a lot he did a lot of paintings and posted on his Instagram account. He never tends to fail on the messages which are hidden in his art.

He tries to do realistic paintings and also executes his feelings about it. He has done many paintings where he told the world about humanity, about the consequences of this COVID -19 pandemic, his just “Art”, his showcasing different angles, his square series. With all this information, we could think of him as a professional artist as he knows a lot about different colour palettes, different themes as well as different angles.

Recently, the actor made a new paining and posted on his Instagram account and the painting was from the epic and everlasting movie, “Gone with the Wind” and the character he showcased was the Katie Scarlett O’Hara.

It is a fictional character in the 1936 Novel Gone with the wind and also the 1939 famous movie where she portrayed by Vivien Leigh.

The film is about a strong-willed daughter of Georgia plantation owner who is married to his cousin and her subsequent marriage to another.

The character is all about a sixteen-year-old – vain, self-centred and also very well spoiled and pampered by her wealthy parents. She is insecure as well but also immensely intelligent in spite of getting ignored and helplessness. She is very different from the other southern woman who was dainty and needed protection but she broke all the myths.

The painting of Abhay Deol truly showcased all the characteristics into his painting. The artwork which he created was spectacular. The details which he showed were absolutely stunning. The hair, the cigar, the green colour on her neck as well as the fingers and the colour which popped up in his painting have a whole new outcome to his art. That gave it the more definition to his painting.
He got very well praised for his art as he recreated one of the most iconic movies as well as novel characters in his canvas.
He even mentioned the famous dialogue from the movie in his caption; “Frankly my Dear, I don’t give a Damn”! And with the help of hashtags, he used #gonewiththewind#paint#artitude
The dialogue was used when, Scarlett O’Hara(Vivien Leigh) asks Rhett Buttler a tearful question, “ Where shall I go? What should I do ?”.
And Rhett Buttler answers her saying, “ Frankly my Dear, I don’t give a Damn”!.
This is how the dialogue became iconic and Deol truly showcased.
This is one of his paintings where he started his own series such as “ Square series”.

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