After getting backlash from fans, Deepika’s collaboration with WHO’s Chief on mental health awareness has been put on hold

In a country like india where the idea if talking about mental health is considered as a joke it takes a lot of guts to stand and talk about on this topic. Mental health is considered as a stigma . People hide any problem they feel related to it and not talk about it or seek help for it .

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Our bajirao mastani actor , a few days back announced that she will be talking about mental health with tedros adhanom ghebreyesus who is the director general of WHO (world health organization).

It was a really great initiative that she was about to take but many people trolled her for this because everyone considered it a wrong time to discuss about such a thing .

People remarked that in the crisis of corona pandemic, WHO should answer about it rather than having a discussion about mental health.

Taking to the twitter accounts ,Someone wrote , how did miss padukone end up with such a bad PR agency . Terribly bad calls for a whole.
Some other wrote , my respect for deepika has gone down million times . I will no more watch her movies . Sorry but this is my view.

Watching this we came to know that deepika has delayed her session with Tedros for a while and reason behind this delay is not certain . Deepika’s this session was about to be held on 23rd april.

She took to her Instagram account to inform the delay of this session by writing that she regrets to inform all that due to unforeseen and highly unavoidable circumstances the conversation, ‘prioritising menal health during the pandemic and beyond’ between Dr 
Tedros adhnom ghebreyesus, Director-General, WHO and she, schedule for April 23rd, 2020 has been put on hold until further notice.

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One of her fans took wrote on her Twitter account that what is wrong with her , she is associating a man , who by protecting china , help the virus spread globally and spread the pandemic.

We hope that there were no wrong intentions of deepika padukone and she clearly wanted to help people by making them aware about the mental health.

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